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Carrier Ethernet Networks

Carrier Ethernet is a foundational networking technology, commonly employed in a wide range of industries to provide agile, reliable and assured connectivity services across the world. Innovative and ubiquitous, the global market for Carrier Ethernet services and technology has grown to 80 billion USD in 2019.

The standards, service definitions and requirements for Carrier Ethernet technologies have been developed by MEF since 2001. Canoga Perkins is an active participant in the MEF standards development process, and our products, architecture and roadmap initiatives are kept abreast with the broad industry trends and evolutions.

Our Carrier Ethernet Solution

Canoga Perkins is the preeminent supplier of Carrier Ethernet NID devices and services in North America, and in high growth overseas markets. Our industry position and reputation is based on the extreme durability and reliability of our products, demonstrated by the very high MTBF of our two million plus devices. Most importantly, we work daily with major service providers to customize and adapt our NIDs to the individual needs of their customers. This extreme flexibility and partnership sets Canoga aside from its peers.

Canoga’s Carrier Ethernet NIDs have a proven ability to deliver profitable MEF or Wavelength services, E-Line, E-LAN and E-Access, by providing highly efficient, low OPEX, revenue generating features such as highly adaptive PM and SAM monitoring, Service Activation and Zero Touch Provisioning.

All Carrier Ethernet products are designed to support effective delivery of MEF CE 2.0 compliant Ethernet Services at UNI, ENNI or in E-Access deployments.

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