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Fiber Optic Modems and Specialized Products

Canoga Perkins product line of Managed and Unmanaged Fiber Optic Modems support a wide range of Telephony and Serial Data Interfaces. Canoga Perkins expertise in Fiber Optic Modems spans more than 30 years supporting Telephone Companies, Military and Government.

The 2300 Series are Managed Modems supported by the Universal Chassis System (UCS). The UCS offers a wide range of Chassis and Enclosures and SNMP / Telnet Remote Management. All UCS Managed Modems include Canoga Perkins SideBand® Management Channel for real-time, non-intrusive management of remote modems with no user traffic disruption.

The 2200 Series Unmanaged Modems provide basic support of a wide range of Telephony and Serial Data Interfaces. Available in Rack Mount and Standalone versions.

Managed Modems (2300 Series)

Canoga Perkins Managed Modems are all members of the Universal Chassis System (UCS), providing comprehensive management functions using SNMP, Telnet or local terminal port. Multiple modem technologies mount in the same chassis, giving you great flexibility in design and implementation of your network. Many Modems support CWDM wavelengths allowing direct connection to CWDM Multiplexers and Systems. All UCS Modems support Canoga Perkins’ SideBand Management Channel, for full status, configuration, and diagnostic management of remote modems without disruption of critical user traffic. With the comprehensive management capabilities of these modems, your Tech Support personnel respond to troubles quicker and get problems corrected faster increasing network up-time and user satisfaction. Canoga Perkins’ Managed Modems are key to your successful network.

Unmanaged Modems (2200 Series)


UCS Chassis and Enclosures

The Universal Chassis System is a family of SNMP Managed Fiber Optic Modem and Ethernet Extension products (Technology Modules) and their related Chassis and Enclosures. A single Management Module provides a single access point, and IP address for up to 5 Chassis, all Technology Modules in the Chassis and the connected remote Modems and Ethernet Service Units. Telnet through the Ethernet interface and a Craft Port on a RS-232 interface provide access to the easy to use, easy to learn menu driven management interface.

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