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UCS Chassis and enclosures

The Universal Chassis System is a family of SNMP Managed Fiber Optic Modem and Ethernet Extension products (Technology Modules) and their related Chassis and Enclosures. A single Management Module provides a single access point, and IP address for up to 5 Chassis, all Technology Modules in the Chassis and the connected remote Modems and Ethernet Service Units. Telnet through the Ethernet interface and a Craft Port on a RS-232 interface provide access to the easy to use, easy to learn menu driven management interface.

 MODEL 1002 - UCS1002 CHASSIS 

The UCS1002 Chassis is a fully managed rack mount 2 RU chassis featuring 14 slots for Technology Modules (Ethernet/Modem). Power options for the Chassis includes AC, DC and Redundancy. L3xx Ethernet and 2×46 Modem modules fit in the UCS1002 Chassis.


The UCS1001 Chassis supports 2 UCS1000 type slots and feature Redundant and Non-Redundant AC, DC and AC/DC power configurations.


The UCS1000 Chassis is a fully managed rack mount 5 RU chassis with 15 slots available for technology modules.

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