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9145E 1G hardened

9145e 1g.png

The 9145E is Canoga Perkins’ second generation Ethernet NID platform. The 9145E builds on the existing 9145 by adding new features and functions required by Service Providers to deliver MEF compliant Metro Ethernet Services. The 9145E’s expandable, flexible architecture allows addition of new features and applications without the need of hardware replacement. This protects your investment by providing for new industry standards and techniques with a simple software download. With the features and function needed for deployment at UNI, NNI and other strategic points within the network the 9145E is key to delivering, managing and maintaining profitable Metro Ethernet Services and provide test points within a MEN.


  • Extended Temperature – GR-3108 Class 2 – -40oC to +65oC

  • Native Ethernet over Fiber Transport and Termination

  • Powerful Management and Security Features

  • Flexible User, Network and MPP Interfaces with Dual Tri-speed UTP – SFP Ports

  • Advanced Diagnostic and Performance Measurements

  • Comprehensive VLAN, QOS, SLA and Traffic Filtering for User Traffic/Core Network Compatibility

  • Standards based Network Interface Device terminating Network and User Interfaces and Facilities

  • Communications Processors and CPU Options to Match Your Requirements

  • Jumbo Packet Support

  • Single and Redundant Power Supplies, AC & DC Versions

  • Standard Office and Outdoor (GR-3108 Class 4) Versions Available

  • UNI and NNI/ENNI Support

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