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ABOUT Canoga

Who are we?

Canoga Perkins provides innovative and reliable fronthaul and backhaul network connectivity solutions for 5G, 4G and industrial networks. Our customers include leading service providers, industrial enterprises, utility companies, military and government agencies.

From our founding in 1965, Canoga Perkins has always been a pioneer in the networking industry. Our highly reliable products are used worldwide to build networks to deliver 4G backhaul and other mission critical services.

We are a privately held company.

A Commitment To Quality

Canoga Perkins is headquartered in a modern facility in Chatsworth, California. Our manufacturing plant is equipped with state-of-the-art production and testing equipment, and a dedicated team of expertly trained technicians who are focused on delivering the highest quality products in the industry. We constantly integrate new equipment and processes to refine our capabilities and elevate the performance of our products. Quality assurance is an integral component of our product planning and production process, so from design to manufacturing to shipping and field repairs, we take all the necessary steps to ensure that you, our customer, receive a quality product built to the highest specifications.

Canoga Perkins is ISO 9001:2015 certified and QuEST Forum TL9000 Registered. The TL 9000 registration incorporates all of the general ISO 9001 requirements and then goes well beyond it with the latest quality system requirements that apply specifically to telecommunications suppliers. The quality system is externally audited annually by QuEST.

"Canoga partnered with us and developed new custom features and downloaded the features remotely to thousands of our installed devices."

- Large USA Telco

"We are getting more attention from Canoga then from vendors doing much more business with us, but we call Canoga first”.

-Large Canadian Telco

“Canoga has the right DNA, Size, Telco experience, and focus to secure an enviable position in the 5G TSN market”.

-Leading West Coast VC

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