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SyncMetra     100 is a modular 3-slot chassis purpose-built, FPGA-based Ethernet Anyhaul (Fronthaul, Midhaul, and Backhaul) Transport Solution designed specifically for public and private 5G networks. It provides guaranteed quality of service with engineered low latency, jitter and packet loss to support next-generation industrial automation, AR/VR, autonomous vehicles and other advanced applications.

Target Applications:

The SyncMetra 100 is ideal for supporting advanced industrial automation, robotics, AR/VR, autonomous transport, and other high-performance applications.

Its carrier-grade quality of service and precise timing distribution provides the reliable, consistent low latency connectivity demanded by these next-generation use cases.


SyncMetra 100

Key Features:

  • Guaranteed service quality with optimized latency, jitter and loss.

  • Precise timing distribution with Class C synchronization.

  • FPGA-based Scalable Future-proof infrastructure.

  • Automated lifecycle operations.

  • Line cards supporting 10G/25G/100G and coherent optics.

  • Native support for network slicing.

  • Optional ruggedized form factor.

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SyncMetra 100

SyncMetra Manager

The SyncMetra Software Manager is a cloud-native orchestrator that provides full lifecycle management of the SyncMetra solution. It continuously monitors end-to-end performance metrics including latency and packet loss across the network. Real-time reporting and troubleshooting help improve operability.

The manager coordinates automation and workflows to fulfill service requests across devices. This allows complete orchestration to leverage the platform's capabilities. Integration with external systems or AI is enabled through northbound APIs.

Overall, the SyncMetra Manager gives operators centralized control and visibility for simplified management. This helps unlock the full power of the SyncMetra solution.

Contact us today to learn more about the SyncMetra 100 Ethernet Anyhaul Transport Solution optimized for your demanding 5G applications.

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