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9145E OD

enclosed network interface device. beige color. lock on outside. rectangular.

The 9145E Outdoor NID is a 9145E 1G Gigabit NID ruggedized for placement outdoors without need of a special cabinet or external enclosure. This is not an extended temperature indoor NID placed in an outdoor enclosure, it is a NID built for the outdoors. It is NEBS Level 3, GR-3108 Class 4 certified for placement in direct sun anywhere and fully operational down to -40°C (-40°F). Mounting on power/telephone/light poles, walls, sides of buildings/cell tower huts, billboards, traffic signals, and just about any structure opens services for Macro & Small Cell Backhaul, electronic billboards, traffic control systems, intelligent message signs, construction sites, SCADA Systems and other non-conventional locations and applications. The Outdoor NID supports all the features, functions and software of the 9145E including the 9145E’s advanced diagnostics, traffic statistics, Performance Measuring (y.1731PM and Canoga Perkins Enhanced), Service Available Monitoring, packet filtering, advanced VLAN tagging, CFM, EFM and management functions required by today’s Metro Ethernet Services and necessary for compatibility and interoperability with other network elements. With this wealth of capabilities and tools, service effecting problems are easily identified and corrected.


  • Native Ethernet over Fiber Transport and Termination

  • Powerful Management and Security Features

  • Flexible User, Network and MPP Interfaces with Dual Tri-speed UTP – SFP Ports

  • Advanced Diagnostic and Performance Measurements

  • Comprehensive VLAN, QOS, SLA and Traffic Filtering for User Traffic/Core Network Compatibility

  • Standards based Network Interface Device terminating Network and User Interfaces and Facilities

  • Communications Processors and CPU Options to Match Your Requirements

  • Jumbo Packet Support

  • AC & DC Versions

  • NEBS Level 3 & GR3108 Class 4 Certified

  • Weatherproof for Direct Outdoor Placement on Poles, Walls…

  • Conduit and Direct Weatherproof Power and Fiber Connection Available

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